Megafullife is a series of high quality, innovative and scientifically support lipids ingredients and solutions for dietary supplements and nutritional industries, the strong products includes Omega-3 90%, ALA 80%,90%, DHA85%, DHA90%, DHA95%, EPA90%, EPA95% and EPA97% and so on in Oil, all these products’ specifications meet/over EP, USP, JP, GOED standards, the key and patented technology is MSET? that includes 11 patents.

Skuny Bioscience is a dynamic bio-tech company committed to discovery and commercializes active ingredients and formulas derived nutritional products utilizing proprietary biotechnology including Bio-separation, Bio-enzyme, and Fermentation.

Skuny has developed a unique and patented technological platform (MSET?) for manufacturing high purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA/ALA Oil and other lipids Oil, MSET? included 11 patents and it is a key breakthrough for separating isomer or similar polarity substances in Oil.

With unceasing development in nutritional industries, now Skuny is the one of leading global suppliers of high quality lipids ingredients as Omega-3, 6, 9, Vitamin E etc. and Megafullife? is the brand of Skuny’s Lipids ingredients and solutions.

Subsidiaries, BioGin is a specialty nutritional company with a focus on herbal ingredients and formulations, now some branded ingredients as AlaLife?, NutraLemon?, CitrusforLife? are bring better health and wellness at every stage of our life.

A global healthy ingredient and solution expert.

With persistently innovation,we have developed some more new technology and its platform as MSET?. We have strengthened the cooperation with more potential clients who possess innovation abilities. Through out the joint cooperation, we have created more new valuable products for nourishments and cosmetics and it is indeed bringing more hope and solutions to the people who are suffering angiocardiopathy, Alzheimer's disease and cancers.

To provide the most beneficial total solution in Nutritional industries that contribute to improving quality of our life.

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